Hello From the Human!

Welcome! I am the purrrsonal assistant to a feline Tribe of Five rescues. I am a published author in numerous genres but writing for and about felines is one of my greatest writing passions. You can read my latest work in Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover'sd Soul, My very Good Very Bad Cat. The story is entitled, "All My Children Wear Fur Coats"


Writers, especially writers of fiction and stories, write in a character's "voice".  When I write for our cats, I write in each of their distinct and unique voices. l'm not such a crazy cat lady that I believe my cats are talking to me verbally, but I do know enough about feline behavior to watch and learn  each one's unique and distinct personality. 


But, rather than telling you about the fabulous felines who "write", I'll let them introduce themselves to you.

Thanks for visiting us!  Warm purrs


Hello Humans,
Tucker here. I am 16 pounds of blue-eyed, cross-eyed Siamses (and something else we haven't figured out) feline. When we lost our dear Alpha, Miss P. (she lived a long and happy 18 years), I sort of fell into the role of Alpha. I'm not an ambitious guy, just want a warm place to snuggle and have my meals (and snacks) served on time and the occasional good brushing/petting session.  

I may be mellow fellow but I am a hit with the humans. All I have to do is gaze at them with my crossed blue eyes. You can read about my purrrsuasive ways here. 
Thanks for visiting!


Hello Everyone,
Jasmine here. I am Tucker's sister and a petite 8 pounds. I am a bit of a diva and do like to talk (I debrief with the humans every night as to how my day went, what animals walked by the bedroom windows and whether I liked my daily soft food.  I am a timid feline as I have been the victim of some serious bullying (not by any of my current feline family) and it's created a bit of an issue at our house, resulting  in the "Great Barricade". We are still working thorugh this and I look forward to being Diva of the entire house  once again!
Purrs to you,


Hi There,
Lily here. I was adopted from the local animal shelter (Tucker and Jasmine were rescues who were adopted in California before the huimans moved here.) At this time I'm three years old. Many people have attempted to figure out my heritage, so far they've all failed. If you have any ideas as to my exotic heritage, we'd love to hear about it.  I just like to say I'm unusual. You can see one of my better modeling shots here. 

Your friend, 


Hello World!
This is Oliver, brother to Alberto and one of the "foster failures" of our humans. At this writing we are 9 months old. I am a stocky little guy but what I lack in grace I make up for in energy. I got my name (Oliver Twust) because I am alwayus begging for more food. 

When I was very little, I had a very BIG adventure. I wrote about this in The True Adventures of a Flying Kitten.

Purrs to you and your felines,  I am making a run for Purresident for the Kitty Cat Pawty and sure would appreciate your vote. 


Cio and Meow,
I am Alberto,. the brother of Oliver. I am called Alberto Contador because the male human loves to ride his road bike and is a fanatic for all the elite international road bike races. Because I am sleek, fast and strong, he named be after the fanous bike racer. You can call me Al.


Oliver and I like to extend a paw of assistance to the female human whenver ipossible but our efforts are not always met with gratitude. You can read about this in Kittens in the Kitchen.,    I have recently been named official spokespurrson for my brother Oliver's purrlitical campaign.
Adios my friends, four and two-legged,